Namron Players Theatre

"Spots and Stripes"

written by Gregg Standridge, Brian Eads, and Becky Feldman-Standridge

March 29, 30, and 31, 2018

Directed by Kassie Carroll

Music Direction by Mervin Tay

6th Annual 24 Hour Plays

July 22, 2017

"Happily Never After"

written by Kelly Sitzman

Directed by Colin Ryan

Starring Isabelle Scroggie, Katherine N. Denton, Danielle Tipton, and Sarah King Bartell

"The Last of the Magic"

written by Patrick McMeen Ahern

Directed by Ben Henson

Starring Marie Skubic, Emily Trnka, and Sarah Foster

"Earth First"

written by Nicholas Bartell

Directed by Kassie Carroll

Starring Paul Evans, Lauren K. Rawls Dale, Britni Peel, and Ella Heim


written by Nick Payne

April 20-21, 2017

Directed by Katherine Denton-Pomerantz

starring Margaux Lantelme and David Ball

5th Annual 24 Hour Plays

June 25, 2016

"Eggplant Eggplant Eggplant"

written by Amanda Miller Dills

Directed  by Kassie Carroll

Starring Danielle Tipton, Patrick Ahern, Kerri Adams, Elise Vanpool, and Lee Lamirand

"That's So Meta" (Or: Playception)

written by Sarah King Bartell

Directed by Caitlin Dennis

Starring Ella Heim, Miranda Koutahi, Brylee Russell, Matthew Percival, and Sarah Foster.

"Under(ground) Pressure"

written by Kelly Sitzman

directed by Nicholas Bartell

Starring Amethyst Mortimer, Paul J. Evans, Chris Downey, and Nicholas Bartell

Fahrenheit 451

written by Ray Bradbury

Pioneer Library System Big Read Finale

April 24, 2016

Directed by Paul Austin

Assistant Director: Sarah King Bartell

Stage Manager: Taylor Finley

ASM: Abigail Hickman

Costume design: Lynn Crussel

Starring Christian Black, Sitta Tarawally, Bethany Bourland, Thor Henson, Kristen Hoggard, Paul Evans, Dale Niehaus, Isabelle Scroggie, Morgan Pinales, Karsen Flies, Lucas McCray, Lynn Crussel, Meg Sobel, Randy Kirkpatrick, Cora Bosse, and Eric Bosse

Plays Written by Kids

(and performed by adults)
July 11-12, 2015

"The Doughnut Cop" written by Rodrigo Carmena-Black, Peyton Etters, & Jason Friend
Starring Randy Kirkpatrick, Taylor Foote, Morgan Vesper, Ella Heim, Kerri Adams, and Christian Black

"Darleen's 87th Birthday"
written by Courtney Tadlock & Johanna Bales
Starring Kerri Adams and Morgan Vesper

"Saving the Pengalengaliers" written by Moira Mosely, Ellie Riesland, Jainy Swenson, & Elise Vanpool
Starring Christian Black, Randy Kirkpatrick, Morgan Vesper, Kerri Adams, Tayler Daniels, Taylor Foote, and Ella Heim

4th Annual 24 Hour Plays
March 7, 2015

"Unemployed Valkyries"
written by Ella Heim
Directed by Sarah Fenner King Bartell
Starring Danielle Tipton, Tiffany Legg, and J.J. Bradford

"Peter, Hank, Gym & Juice"
written by Kelly Sitzman
Directed by Sarah Fenner King Bartell
Starring Patrick Ahern, Nicholas Bartell, Paul Evans, and Sarah Fenner King Bartell

"I Remember"
written by John Steele, Jr.
Directed by Ben Lindesmith
Starring Isabelle Scroggie and Trey Adkins

an original show for children and adults
July 20, 2014

Written and directed

by Robyn Wheelock and Margaux Lantelme
Stage Managed by Alex Rivas

Starring Felicia Jarvis, Ava Maag, Michael Denney, Brennan Canon, Ashley Mandanas, Marie Skubic, Nic Cejda, Hannah Lobban, Melissa Storm, Sitta Tarawally, Nathan Ice, Abby Beliveau, TJ Mattek, Mia Boggs, Taylor Tyree, and Emily Soreghan.

StART Norman

A community arts event
"On Puppets" by Sarah Fenner King
April 11, 2014
Starring Lauren Kathleen Dale, Carley Walker, TJ Rutterford, Patrick Ahern, and Dylan Erwin

3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays
March 8, 2014

"A 15ish Minute Play in Progress About a Man and a Woman in a Train Station"
written by John Steele Jr.
Directed by Stephen Miranda
Starring Chris Bailey, Jeff Shallington, and Sitta Tarrawally

"Death and a Salesman"
written by Kelly Sitzman
Directed by Sarah Fenner King
Starring Anne Saunders, Michael Rodman, and Joey Rodman

"My Friend Marco"
written by Jacqueline Schlasner
Directed by Stephen Miranda and Sarah Fenner King
Starring Patrick Ahern, Kate Le, and Tegan Rutterford

May 16-18, & 24-25, 2013

Written by: Steward Savage
Directed by: Stephen Miranda
Stage Managed by: Stephanie Sandidge
Starring: Jacqueline Schlasner, Jeff Shallington, Nicholas Bartell, Sarah Fenner King, Craig Musser, Courtney Johnson, Matt Holmes, and Chris Bailey

2nd Annual 24 Hour Plays
March 30, 2013

"The Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Club"
written by Sarah Fenner King
Directed by Natalie Steinke
Starring Katie Williams, Kate Le, and Patrick Ahern

written by Matthew Hebert
Directed by Caitlin Goddard
Starring Brad Brockman, Nicholas Bartell, and Samantha Fleming

"The Not-So-Miraculous Birth and Rebirth of Violet, Ivory, and their Third Sister: an almost faerie tale for an alternative time"
written by John Steele Jr.
Directed by Stephen Miranda
Starring Lia Ross, Morgan Vesper, Aly Lovelace, and Danielle Tipton

Echoes of the War
November 16-18, 2012

"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals"
Written by: J. M. Barrie
Directed by: Tatum Price
Assistant Director: Stephen Miranda
Costume / Set Design: Ciera Terry
Starring Christa Ruiz, Kyle Whalen, Craig Musser, Katie Williams, Shelby Aiello, and Rachael Keras
"The New Word"
Written by: J. M. Barrie
Directed by: Nicholas Bartell
Costume / Set Design: Ciera Terry
Starring: Sarah Fenner King, Connor Konz, Chris Allen, and Catherine Bratton

Photos Courtesy of Brett Marley

Katy Pickle, a staged reading
Written by: Sarah Fenner King
October 27, 2012

Inside the Glass, a staged reading
Written by: Nic Cejda
September 22, 2012

1st Annual 24 Hour Plays
July 7, 2012

"Fate or Something Like That"
Written By: Kyle Eric Bradford
Directed By: Phillip Wiles
Starring Riley Pierce, Stephen Ibach, and Hallie Wage

"Famous Trash"
Written By: Sarah Fenner King
Directed By: Tres Savage
Starring Katie Williams, Emily Ferren, and Rachelle Scherschligt
Stage Managed by Taylor Finley and Ciera Terry

The Taylor Trap
Written and Directed by Sarah Fenner King
Set and Costume Design by Ciera Terry
May 16-18, 2012
Starring Colin Ryan, Lia Ross, and Nicholas Bartell